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Student Profile: Andres Garcia

Major: Liberal Studies

College: College of Professional Studies

Profession: Professional dancer

Motto: The beauty of ballet is that there are always new skills to learn.

Skills: Singing, dancing, soccer


Hear why Andres knew Northeastern University was the perfect fit for him.

Making A Splash: On Stage and at NU

Andres is no stranger to taking classes online. He earned his high school diploma online at the age of sixteen. So when Northeastern and Boston Ballet joined forces to help dancers earn their bachelor’s degree, he took full advantage of this opportunity. Andres is currently taking classes online at Northeastern which gives him the flexibility to still dance for the Boston Ballet. And when his performing days are behind him, he plans to use his degree to work in the arts in a teaching or management role. Bravo Andres. Bravo.

“Northeastern has been incredibly supportive. I am fortunate enough to live in Boston — even though I take all of my classes online. I’ve been able to come and talk to my adviser on campus, participate in on-campus activities, engage with the other students, and feel like I’m part of something a lot bigger.”

— Andres Garcia

Q & A

Northeastern: Why did you choose Northeastern University?

Andres: Ballet is a very short career. So, I want to make sure I have options in the future. I am interested in way more than just what I do now. I chose the program because it was so available and it was such a good deal. The fact that the ballet provides a scholarship to students really encourages ballet dancers to push themselves further beyond what we’ve been training our whole lives to do.

Northeastern: Why would you recommend Northeastern University?

Andres: I’ve recommended it to many…it’s a good way to meet people, connect, and to keep learning. It’s a really broad online community and it provides a lot of necessary skills. The fact that you can take classes online and on campus or even in a blended format is really unique.

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