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Student Profile: Ryan Daley

Degree: B.S. Political Science

College: College of Professional Studies

Honors: Army veteran, Compass Award recipient

Motto: You’re only limited by the limits you set for yourself.

Skills: Leadership, cryptologic linguist, paratrooper


Hear how Northeastern helped Ryan academically and professionally.

A Rising Politician in The Wings

After earning his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern, Ryan is currently attending the London School of Economics and Political Science with the goal of matriculating into its international relations doctoral program. Once he’s checked that off his to-do-list, he’s got his sights set on running for office in Massachusetts.

Enrolling at Northeastern made my last year in the Army more fruitful, because I made sure that I was productive during my downtime. I worked closely with my soldiers, spending a lot of time with them, but I never neglected my studies. If I had a lunch break, I would study. I would stay up late and study. Since I was already living in a pretty structured environment, it worked for me. I translated the energy I had for the military into my energy for Northeastern, which wants its students to be driven and innovative and ambitious, the same traits that I value in myself.”

Ryan Daley

Student Profile: Ryan Daley













 Q & A

Northeastern: Why did you choose Northeastern University?

Ryan: I was in the military for six years and they offered a program that would help me pay for my studies while I was still on active duty. With the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship, Northeastern matched the tuition assistance I was getting from the military…it enabled me to serve my country and finish my degree.

Northeastern:  How supportive was the Northeastern community?

Ryan: Between the students and the faculty, it’s very supportive, but it’s also a very veteran-friendly environment.

Northeastern: What advice do you have for incoming students?

Ryan: Plan your education accordingly…make sure you’re on top of savings, you’re actively looking for scholarships, and find opportunities for co-ops or internships. These small steps that you take early on will pay dividends in the long run.

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