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Student Profile: Varda Tse Halidy

Major: B.S. Leadership

College: College of Professional Studies

Profession: Associate Director of Diversity and Talent – Boston Medical Center

Motto: Never give up.

Skills: Juggling work, family, and school


See how this working mom benefited from the flexible Northeastern programs.

A Degree 25 Years in The Making

Stick-to-it-iveness. Will power. Tenacity. Whatever you call it, Varda certainly has it and then some. She’s about to earn her bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University after starting over two decades ago. And she couldn’t be happier and we couldn’t be prouder of her. Way to go Varda!

“I had some of the best professors here. They were compassionate and supportive. They stayed after class, came in early, and were always available. As an adult learner, sometimes you feel a little slower in the brain than some people and the teachers were really supportive.”

— Varda Tse Halidy

Q & A

Northeastern: Why would you recommend Northeastern University?

Varda: I would recommend Northeastern to someone who is working and has a family because the quality of the education that you get here is awesome.

Northeastern: What advice do you have for incoming students?

Varda: Never give up. After 25 years, I am finally graduating from Northeastern and that perseverance feels so good. I cannot wait to walk the stage and get my diploma and it’s because I never gave up. Sometimes I felt hopeless and sometimes I felt like this is too much and I can’t do it but that was never the case. I always managed to hang in there.

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