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Learning Online | Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Make Your Education Work For You

Life is busy; we get it. Our students are balancing personal and professional commitments, including families and full-time jobs, and need an education that flexes to their schedule. It’s why we offer online bachelor’s completion programs—to help students achieve their goals in a format and on a timeline that works for them.

Our online degrees feature the same rigorous academic coursework as our campus-based programs, and are taught by faculty who are experts in their field. Using the latest virtual classroom technology, we’ve created a dynamic online learning environment that helps facilitate and foster lively discussion.

Knowing how to use these online tools and work with others in a virtual environment are skills today’s employers are looking for. Successfully completing an online bachelor’s completion program also shows that you’re motivated, independent, and know how to manage your time.

Online learners are just as connected to Northeastern’s network and are encouraged to reach out to their classmates. With online learning, there are no geographical limitations, meaning you can build personal and professional networks that span the globe.

Explore our 100% online programs, and if you’re interested in becoming an online student, learn more about the application requirements.

Wondering if an online bachelor’s degree is right for you?
Watch our webinar ‘How an online education can advance your career.’