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Lifelong Learning Network

As the Workforce Continues to Evolve, So Should Your Education

You should be at the center of your education. How you prefer to learn, and where, and when is unique to you—Northeastern’s Lifelong Learning Network recognizes that. It’s why we offer high-quality bachelor’s degree completion programs in online, on-ground, and hybrid formats, allowing you to learn any time, anywhere.

The Lifelong Learning Network is pioneering a new model of education. Students engage in lifelong learning as a means of continually developing new skills to stay ahead of the constant change in business, technology, and industry.

Through the Lifelong Learning Network, students:

  • Establish a personalized academic and career plan designed to help them achieve their personal and professional goals
  • Gain access to more than 3,300 employer partners, such as General Electric and Boston Children’s Hospital, who are rethinking the role education plays in a corporate setting
  • Combine classroom study with experiential learning opportunities, such as research, case studies, short-term projects, co-ops, and internships, to gain first-hand, real-world experience in their desired industry
  • Collaborate alongside faculty who are recognized as leading practitioners and scholars in their field
  • Connect with more than 255,000 alumni from around the world
  • Set themselves up for a Double Husky Scholarship, which offers Northeastern alumni a 25-percent tuition discount on more than 110 eligible graduate degree and certificate programs