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Employer Reimbursement For Prospective Students

You Want to Advance Your Career. So Does Your Employer.

Sixty percent of corporations offer some form of tuition assistance. Applicants should ask if their employer is one of them.

Prospective students can reach out to their human resources department and inquire about employer reimbursement. In today’s rapidly changing economy, hiring managers are looking for employees with a wide range of technical and interpersonal skills, who can adapt to the new realities of the business world. Offering education opportunities is one of the first steps toward helping employees develop those competencies that will move their company forward.

Students who are eligible for employer reimbursement are responsible for paying the bill at the beginning of each term or selecting another payment option. Tuition may not be left unpaid pending reimbursement by a third party. To learn more about tuition reimbursement and other payment options, please visit How to Take Advantage of Your Employer’s Tuition Assitance Program or explore Northeastern’s Student Financial Services website.